Property Refurbishment Services

We offer a range of bespoke refurbishment works, from advice and design through to implementation and decoration.

Utilising the network of tradespeople available to us as part of the EcoBright Group, we can carefully plan and facilitate a wide variety of refurbishment projects whilst keeping the duration and associated costs to a minimum.

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Dry Lining

If you’re looking for a quick facelift, dry lining is a great way to get your walls or ceilings sorted fast. Utilising plasterboard makes for easier installation than traditional wet plastering methods and is also easier to remove, or rearrange at a later date.

Our experienced fitters will ensure all installations are completed with the necessary insulation and a beautiful finish.

Steel Framing Systems (SFS)

Steel Framing Systems are another example of a fast construction technique, minimising any disruption to your working environment.

Lightweight steel frame sections can be pre-assembled elsewhere and then quickly fitted into your establishment. We will work closely with you to overcome any challenging spaces, to get you ready for business as soon as possible.


A traditional method of finishing walls with wet plaster. Wet plaster is very durable, and better for weight-bearing if you want fittings attached to your walls.

Whilst the plaster does take time to dry, it offers great flexibility for covering any size and shape with a long-lasting thermal seal.


Exteriors need attention too and a well-constructed facade can not only be more visually appealing, but can make a difference to the energy-efficiency and insulation of your workplace.

Rendering is an excellent choice to achieve this. It can provide protection for your cladding from adverse weather conditions, help keep moisture from leaking in, and heat from leaking out. If your exteriors are already rendered, we can also maintain them as they start to show signs of age.

Electrical Installation

Whether you want to add to existing installations or replace and renew aging systems, we are here to help. Many companies are taking steps towards becoming more environmentally responsible, and the refurbishment of your electrical systems can be a big part of this.

We can advise on, design and implement innovative new technology to improve your establishment creating a more ecological, economical and ergonomic place to work.

Bespoke Joinery

There are many reasons you might want to take advantage of our qualified joiners and their trade. Perhaps you have a series of smaller repairs that would make work run that bit smoother if they were sorted. Or maybe you have a larger-scale project in mind; like an overhaul of your office space, to aid team dynamics and collaboration.

Whatever the size, we are excited to use our expertise for your custom joinery projects.


We offer a range of flooring to suit your company’s requirements. We can get rid of that distracting squeaky laminate, or the fading carpet that is no longer fit for purpose, and help choose something more tailored to you.

We will happily talk you through the installation of any floor types in any space, and our specialised tradespeople will action these plans with professionalism and minimal disruption.


The interior design of your environment has an impact on not only the mood and effectiveness of your workforce, but also the way your clients view your company.

We offer a range of services to enhance your environment so whether you are looking to give a room a new lease of life with a fresh paint job, or an expansive project to modernise your entire building then we will help bring these plans to fruition.

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