Building Maintenance Services

We provide a wide variety of planned, preventative and reactive maintenance services for clients across a range of different premises.

As part of the broader EcoBright Group, we have access to a wealth of expertise, and our dedicated 24/7 help desk allows us to respond efficiently and effectively, providing solutions for any issues that might arise. We believe in working collaboratively with all our team members across various trades, enabling us to reduce both the duration and cost of the quality works we carry out.

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Building Fabric Reactive Maintenance

The fabric of your building is essentially the walls, roof, windows, doors, guttering; everything that makes up the building structure, with so many components, there is a lot that could potentially break or fail. 

If you are looking for quick solutions to unexpected issues, our Reactive Maintenance engineers will ensure you are back up and running as soon as possible, keeping any downtime to a minimum. The 24/7 helpline and our team of experts provide an easy point of contact for information and advice.

Building Fabric Planned, Preventative Maintenance

If you want to avoid unanticipated problems or failures, planned, preventative maintenance is the best strategy.

We act before your equipment or building fabric develops problems, improving the safety of your working environment, reducing the need for Reactive works, and keeping your company operating at its maximum efficiency.

Emergency Light Testing

We provide a routine service to ensure your emergency lighting systems are operating as expected.

In the event of a mains power cut, these lights will illuminate through battery power, keeping the occupants safe and indicating emergency exit routes. In the United Kingdom it is a legal requirement to keep these lights in good working order and failure to do so can result in fines or even closure time.

Electrical Testing & Compliance

Our skilled engineers will keep your electrical  installations operating within UK regulations with regular, scheduled, inspection and testing.

We maintain a register of installations and appliances and ensure that the appropiate Electrical Inspection Condition Reports (EICR) and PAT tests are performed in plenty of time to ensure all necessary certifications are maintained.

Compliance Maintenance Solutions

Our company will help support you with the wide-ranging legal aspects of compliance and maintenance.

The volume of Health and Safety regulations can sometimes be overwhelming and it is important nothing is forgotten. We provide extensive compliance inspection and maintenance to ensure you are functioning within the British legal standards.

Gas Safety Inspections

Faulty gas systems can be extremely hazardous and as such are subject to stringent Health & Safety regulations.

Our engineers will routinely inspect and service your equipment to avoid dangerous incidents and to ensure that you remain compliant with the appropriate Gas Safety Regulations.

Plumbing, Heating & Renewable Energy Systems Maintenance

Keep your workplace warm and open for business with our plumbing and heating systems maintenance.

With a more resolute focus worldwide on becoming more ecologically responsible we are also well-equipped to advise on and keep your renewable energy systems running at maximum efficiency.

Electrical Breakdown

Our 24/7 helpdesk and comprehensive knowledge base means that when an electrical fault or breakdown occurs, our support staff can troubleshoot the problem.

They will offer safety guidance and despatch an experienced and qualified electrical engineer and/or suitably equipped reactive maintenance team to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Gas / LPG systems maintenance

Gas and LPG systems can be very dangerous not too mention inefficient if they are not regularly serviced and maintained.

We offer extensive maintenance services to improve equipment performance, and carry out preventative works or repairs to ensure these systems remain safe for you and your premises.

IT Systems & Infrastructure Maintenance

A well-maintained IT infrastructure is critical to the functioning of all businesses.

Issues can quickly arise leaving your company exposed to cybersecurity vulnerabilities or malicious software, loss of data and sometimes can even cause sitewide downtime, grinding your productivity to a halt.

Our highly-trained and experienced specialists will work hard to keep your valuable IT systems and infrastructure backed up, updated and secure.

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